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Working With Lime Mortar Edinburgh

lime mortar edinburgh work

For over 2000 years now, lime has been used as a render or plaster, and as a binder for bricks and stones. Buildings made from lime mortar are durable and capable of withstanding ground movements and vibration. In fact, plaster made from lime mortar in Edinburgh is highly recommended for new builds and general property maintenance constructions.

The knowledge of how to use lime mortar has been lost for over 100 years now, but studies have revealed how beneficial natural lime is and that’s why it is rising in popularity again. Main advantages of using lime mortar include:


Lime was used as a building material by ancient builders because they understood what it could do. It is breathability is what enables it to deal with moisture from the ground, rain, and any other activity that might bring harm to it. In general, lime can absorb and evaporate moisture from the surrounding masonry. Trapped moisture can be very dangerous to your property, so it is in your best interest to use a construction material like lime when thinking about building a new home.

Environmental Friendly

When compared to other building materials, lime is more environmentally friendly. Unlike ordinary cement, the lime mortar manufacturing process produces less carbon dioxide. What’s more, free lime can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, therefore, reducing carbon footprint even further.

Lime Binders Are Durable

If a cement product is used to repair bricks, as a render, a pointing mortar or stonework on a lime mortar building, it will be extremely difficult for it to maneuver well or incorporate well with the rest of the building. Eventually, your property will crack in the area worked on. On the other hand, if lime is used correctly, your building will last for a very long period. Buildings that are made from lime mortar have stood the test of time, and some of them have survived for almost 2,000 years now.

Lime Mortar Works


One thing about construction is that it will be subjected to varying degrees of movement one day and even crack in some areas. Buildings made from lime mortar are more likely to develop some cracks when subjected to small movements. On the other hand, buildings made from regular cement or cement based products have a tendency of developing large cracks when subjected to small movements. When lime buildings crack, the hydrated lime reacts with carbon dioxide and produces limestone in a process known as carbonation. The limestone produced helps in sealing the cracks. This process is referred to as self-healing.

Using modern cement based products and non-breathable paints can cause some serious problems to your building. They have a tendency of sealing the walls completely making it difficult for them to breathe properly.

In this light, if you have a building or are living in a house that has some cracks or decay timber, it will be wise for you to consider using lime mortar in your next construction project. The idea of using modern construction materials without considering the ancient materials can be very costly in the long run. It is always wise to consider building materials that have to withstand the test of time and proven to be durable and reliable.


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