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Stonemason Edinburgh: Key Masory Facts

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Stonework is beautiful pieces that we don’t see frequently. Questions come in our minds on how their designers would plan them. The most important elements in fixing old buildings or creating new ones lie on the workers. Watching them do the work make the job looks simple. These men’s tasks are important for both function and style of stonework.

Excellency of work is accomplished by handling the stones or marble with care and through the correct processes. The intricacy of the job will need a stonemason to possess sufficient understanding in using different equipment and tools that enable higher work efficiency. Apart from building, cutting and assembling, stonemasons in Edinburgh are also experts in the various characteristics of stones.

Sandstone is the most prominent stonework material. Sandstone is easy to work with when it is handled by an expert. It is sturdy and hard because it is made of sand cemented together. It is already proven by the oldest stoneworks in tourist areas and all around the world. In terms of design, it is one of the most adaptable variations of stones since it can be found almost everywhere. Sandstone won’t just add to the durability but also to the whole design you are shooting for.

Restoring Stone Masonry
Repairing the damages in the stonework brought by natural or man-made mishaps is tough. The skills of the stonemason influence the quality of the work and if not executed correctly, the stone work could fall apart and will need fixes. The weather and some other natural circumstances raise the chances of stonework damage. If this occurs, call a skilled stonemason who will be able to deal with the issue and avoid further crumbling of the stonework. Have peace of mind with your valuable stonework by letting experts deal with it instead of novice persons in order to avoid more damage. Resilient work is created with assistance from the right resources and equipment that also help in making the stonemason’s work faster and less trouble.

A great deal of work is needed in fixing old structures. Lime mortar is the common material utilised in these buildings. If the materials used to make the old building are still accessible, it is suggested that the same materials are utilised to fix the damages. These are the other factors to be taken into account: weather conditions, viscosity of the lime, and the stonemason’s experience. Lime mortar is a terrific choice for those who like to have a beautiful stone piece while also looking after it regularly.

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Stones are lovely to look at but they are not simple to deal with. Upkeep and aftercare have a major effect on the resilience of the stonework. There are many ways stones can be utilised but one must be certain that they are having the most of it. Part of the procedure is knowing what to do. Remember that the more factors you put into consideration, the more attractive your stone masonry will be. A professional’s work must be able to give you the excellent stonework that has everything you need. Help and advice on all aspects of stonework can be found on our website

edinburgh stonemason · lime mortar · Stonemasons

Working With Lime Mortar Edinburgh

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For over 2000 years now, lime has been used as a render or plaster, and as a binder for bricks and stones. Buildings made from lime mortar are durable and capable of withstanding ground movements and vibration. In fact, plaster made from lime mortar in Edinburgh is highly recommended for new builds and general property maintenance constructions.

The knowledge of how to use lime mortar has been lost for over 100 years now, but studies have revealed how beneficial natural lime is and that’s why it is rising in popularity again. Main advantages of using lime mortar include:


Lime was used as a building material by ancient builders because they understood what it could do. It is breathability is what enables it to deal with moisture from the ground, rain, and any other activity that might bring harm to it. In general, lime can absorb and evaporate moisture from the surrounding masonry. Trapped moisture can be very dangerous to your property, so it is in your best interest to use a construction material like lime when thinking about building a new home.

Environmental Friendly

When compared to other building materials, lime is more environmentally friendly. Unlike ordinary cement, the lime mortar manufacturing process produces less carbon dioxide. What’s more, free lime can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, therefore, reducing carbon footprint even further.

Lime Binders Are Durable

If a cement product is used to repair bricks, as a render, a pointing mortar or stonework on a lime mortar building, it will be extremely difficult for it to maneuver well or incorporate well with the rest of the building. Eventually, your property will crack in the area worked on. On the other hand, if lime is used correctly, your building will last for a very long period. Buildings that are made from lime mortar have stood the test of time, and some of them have survived for almost 2,000 years now.

Lime Mortar Works


One thing about construction is that it will be subjected to varying degrees of movement one day and even crack in some areas. Buildings made from lime mortar are more likely to develop some cracks when subjected to small movements. On the other hand, buildings made from regular cement or cement based products have a tendency of developing large cracks when subjected to small movements. When lime buildings crack, the hydrated lime reacts with carbon dioxide and produces limestone in a process known as carbonation. The limestone produced helps in sealing the cracks. This process is referred to as self-healing.

Using modern cement based products and non-breathable paints can cause some serious problems to your building. They have a tendency of sealing the walls completely making it difficult for them to breathe properly.

In this light, if you have a building or are living in a house that has some cracks or decay timber, it will be wise for you to consider using lime mortar in your next construction project. The idea of using modern construction materials without considering the ancient materials can be very costly in the long run. It is always wise to consider building materials that have to withstand the test of time and proven to be durable and reliable.


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Types Of Stonemason

Stone masonry-Lithomex Masonry Finishes-2
Stone masonry-Lithomex Masonry Finishes-2

Different Sorts of Stonemasonry

The art of stonemasonry is one of the earliest mediums for sculpture and construction and ‘s been around for centuries. A mason is defined as ‘an individual who slashes, prepares and builds with flagstone,’ nevertheless, this could come in several kinds. Whether it is inscribing is sculpting or building, this craft needs plenty of training and precision to become the craftsman that is perfect. Due to the essence of the stuff you are working with, it will take several years to develop into an experienced employee in this method.

Within the construction industry, there are several several types of stonemasonry included; all those involve distinct areas of the building site. As an example, debris masonry and ashlar masonry vary as a result of type of stone used. Rubble masonry is rough where as ashlar is personal stone place in a routine mode, and put irregularly. Both used in creating environments and need a skilled employee to accomplish the specified effect.

Stonemasonry is also utilized to indicate memorial headstones on plots. These rock structures demand a builder will precision and ability to inscribe an epitaph and data about the dead person that’ll form a funeral for the family for many years in the future on the stone. This very important occupation must certainly be done with attention and care, and maybe not only needs a talented stonemason but furthermore anyone that gets the creativity to make something wonderful.

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Foundation Stones
Another part of stonemasonry is the creation of foundation stones. Although stonemasonry may perhaps not be straight utilized in the development of a structure, very often a flagstone is needed by properties, with inscription, that shows the day who exposed it, or that the constructing was built. It is an excellent improvement to a new off-ice building to indicate the area or an individual as it is a visual indication of the process that it moved through.

Stone is such a material that is adaptable and can be used for in so many ways that are different. Whether it’s for producing the walls of a family dwelling or marking a serious, stonemasonry is a trade that h-AS transcended several generations. The skill in working with this involved requires a lot of practice and coaching, but surely leave a durable impression wherever it truly is employed.